Schloss Thurnau, Tafel 08

Türme Kulturinventar

The Cent Tower ant the White Tower

The coach house is flanked by the Cent Tower („Cent-Turm“) on its west side and the White Tower („Weißer Turm“) to its east.

Until the end of the 17th century, the Cent Tower was owned by the Künßbergs. In the course of bartering on the part of Count Christian Carl II. von Giech, the Cent Tower became the property of the Giechs. Count Carl Gottfried von Giech completely restored the tower in 1704. Moreover, he brought it into line with the height of the White Tower and fitted it with an onion-shaped dome. The family crest can be seen on the exterior of the tower. The second and fourth floors of the tower contained prison cells, whilst the fifth floor was presumably used as a kind of torture chamber.

Rising skywards on the eastern side of the castle is the White Tower. It takes its name from its facade, which was originally bright in hue, and consists of five floors. As with parts of the Cent Tower, both the basement and the ground floor of the White Tower were used as prison cells.